Space planning and design

Space planning and design

Patient requirements have changed significantly. In addition to the quality of advice and communication, the design and equipment are perceived as synonymous with the quality of treatment. For this reason, the concept of practice describes the focus of treatment, as well as the positioning of the practice, the design of the practice and the desired style of communication with the patient. This means that the patient's stay in the dental office is not a "visit", but a positive experience.

A positive overall impression creates trust and the realization that you are in good hands. This leads to the need for appropriate space equipment. From sofas and tables to accessories for trainings and lab rooms: plan the right space concept with our interior designers – not just the equipment but much more.

  • What is your preferred style?

From modern to industrial to bohemian – think about what kind of atmosphere you want your patients to experience.

  • Things you can expect:

Our design and interior design experts will show you practical examples tailored to your taste and give you unique implementation options in terms of design according to the style of your choice. You can also experience the possibility of a 360° virtual tour through the office and laboratory rooms.

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