DGSHAPE Make Innovation Make Life Better

DGSHAPE has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, utilizing digital technologies to control the XYZ axes—lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movements. Initially focused on developing pen plotters for designing and drafting, they quickly expanded their product range to include cutting plotters that used cutters instead of pens. Their technology evolved to encompass both color printers with inkjet heads and cutters, as well as 3D milling machines that managed all three axes.

Today, their primary products are wide-format inkjet printers catering to various industries, including signage, alongside milling machines and engraving devices designed to optimize manufacturing processes. They have built a global sales network that now reaches 200 countries, tailoring their marketing and sales strategies to mesh with local cultures and customs through regional teams.

A standout in their lineup is the dental milling machines, which are acclaimed for their precision and user-friendliness. These machines support popular CAD/CAM software and scanners and are recognized for their desktop size and reasonable price. The product range includes both dry and wet mills, the latter of which is designed for milling tough materials like glass ceramics, increasingly preferred in dental practices for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

DGSHAPE, with the DWX series of dental milling machines, has rapidly established a presence in the market. In addition to their affordability, the devices are appreciated by dental technicians all over the world for their compact size, ease of use and open architecture system that allows them to work with any other product already in the laboratory’s possession: 3D scanners, computers, CAD and CAM software on the market.

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