General terms and conditions

1. Statement
1. By using the Dental Medical online shop or by ordering products over the Internet, telephone, fax or e-mail, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them, without any changes. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our site.
2. Ordering

1. The prices displayed at the Dental Medical web shop or in other media are the prices applicable at any one time and may also be subject to change at any time. A customer order shall be valid when completed. The customer receives an order confirmation via email from Dental Medical. Dental Medical reserves the right to accept offers. A binding purchase agreement is created once your order is confirmed by Dental Medical.

2. If Dental Medical is unable to deliver any of the ordered products or if the product in question is not in stock at the time of order, we will notify the customer.
3. Dental Medical reserves the right to cancel a contract in case of an error with the website. A customer has the right to cancel an order and can get a refund of goods within 30 days without stating any reasons. This period starts from the day of delivery of the package. The customer cannot return products if used, unpacked or without their original package.

4. All offers shall be valid as long as the product is in stock. If the supplier cannot deliver the goods amid a contract with Dental Medical, Dental Medical shall have the right to terminate the purchase contract with the customer. In such a case, the customer will be notified in due time that a certain product could not be delivered. The funds paid for the purchase of the product shall be refunded in such a case within 14 days.

5. Orders can be submitted in writing, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail or over Internet. Each order shall be exclusively confirmed before shipping.

6. Orders can be submitted in writing, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail or over the Internet. Each order shall be exclusively confirmed before shipping.

7. Beside articles described i the online shop, you can order all other articles from the manufacturer’s catalog that Dental Medical represents. The number of articles in stock is over 3,000 and an additional 10,000 shall be obtained through single requests.

3. Delivery
1. The delivery of goods shall be performed only from the company headquarters. The shipping price is fixed. Expenses shall be covered by you or Dental Medical, depending on the value of the package.
2. For orders over 350Eur  (with VAT) delivery on the territory of Slovenia is free of charge. For orders under 350Eur shipping charges shall be covered by the customer.
3. Deliveries outside the territory of Slovenia shall be arranged specifically and all shipping; customs and transport charges shall be covered by the customer.
4. The delivery period for articles in stock is 48h with a maximum time of 72h. If an item is not available in stock all information regarding the item and the exact delivery time shall be provided by customer service.
5. All goods are insured during transport. The customer is required to check for any potential damage and immediately inform the person who delivered the goods. In such a case, detailed information about the damage must be provided to the courier service. A refund for damaged products shall be done according to the made record. If the record is missing, we are not obliged to give a refund.
6. In case the delivery of a package is not possible due to an error on the customer's end (wrong address, unavailability at address, etc.) Dental Medical reserves the right to charge for the expenses.

4. Prolonging the delivery period
1. In case of force majeure, suppliers fault, change of terms and conditions by the government, and all other irregularities which are not the Dental Medical's responsibility and last longer than 7 days, delivery time shall be prolonged due to such obstacles. Force majeure covers strikes, road blocks, export-import issues, and other changes in the national law which may have an effect on Dental Medical. In all cases stated above, the customer shall be informed.
 2. The customer has the right to cancel an order for reasons stated above, in writing within 14 days from the delivery.
3. No compensation shall be procured for cases stated above.

5. Payment

1. All prices on the Dental Medical Internet presentation include VAT. When customers are located outside the territory of {{zemlja}} we can provide a net invoice if the goods are to be forwarded through a forwarding agency or if they are to be customs cleared for export, namely an invoice including VAT and a filled application for a VAT refund (only in case of personally taking over goods). All customs, shipping and transport expenses of goods outside the territory of {{zemlja}} shall be covered by the customer.
2. We accept payments in cash for COD shipments, bank transfers and credit cards on our Internet page. For all purchases 70Eur shipping is free of charge.
3. The invoice is created on the day of the delivery of goods or on the day of the availability of goods.
4. Dental Medical reserves the right to ask for advanced payment (banking expenses shall be borne by the customer).
5. A 30-day delayed payment is possible only in agreement with authorized Dental Medical personnel.
6. Dental Medical reserves the right to ask for a deposit for certain articles.

6. Overdue Payments
1. In case invoice is overdue, we shall have the right to charge interest, which is to be higher than the official daily interest of the National Bank for 5%. If the payment of overdue invoice together with default interest is not effected, Dental Medical shall have the right to suspend all further deliveries and request an advance payment from the time in question.
2. If one of invoices is overdue, all invoices shall be automatically taken as overdue.
 3. For written reminders, Dental Medical shall have the right to charge: for the first reminder 2Eur, for the second reminder 6Eur and for the third reminder 8Eur.

7. Complaints and warranties

1. Legal actions against Dental Medical in connection to warranty issued by manufacturer are legally unfounded. Refunds can be requested only from the manufacturer.
2. Product complaints must be submitted in written form by filling in "PRODUCT COMPLAINT" which can be downloaded from our website. The filled in form must be delivered to Dental Medical headquarters, within 30 days from receiving the goods and before the returning of goods. The product must include the original bill as purchase proof at Dental Medical and the completed warranty form.
3. Minor changes in appearance or functionality of the machine, cannot be treated as error.
4. In case of return of materials or devices, an oral agreement must be reached followed by a written agreement.
5. If the defective device is reported within 72 hours from the purchase, the device shall be exchanged, and if more than 3 malfunctions occur while under warranty, the product shall also be exchanged for a new one.
6. Time for the repair of the device shall not exceed 30 days otherwise the customer has the right to a money refund or exchange of the product.
7. If the complaint is justified, the buyer shall receive an exchange product or the defect on the product should be removed after the manufacturers reply.
8. If the proper functioning of the product has been claimed, it will not dispute payment terms within the validity of invoice currency.
9. If product is damaged during transport, complaints shall be accepted only in case detailed information record is provided by the delivery service.
10. Once Dental Medical has received products in the designated period and has been able to confirm that the requirements above are met we will refund the money or the customer shall be credited for an amount equal to the value of the purchase for that article.
11. Warranty period for all devices is at least one (1) year from the day of purchase, but it can be longer according but can be longer depending on the conditions of the manufacturer's warranty.

8. Refund of goods
1. The customer reserves the right to return any article without any explanation within 30 days from delivery.
2. If the order is cancelled or product returned by the customer, Dental Medical shall refund the money within 14 days or if agreed, the customer can use the paid amount as credit to purchase another product.
3. Expenses used for the refund of goods are borne by the customer. If the customer wishes to exchange the product, charges for the shipping of exchanged goods shall be borne by Dental Medical.
4. In case Dental Medical sent products which were not ordered or were damaged, shipping charges shall be reimbursed by Dental Medical within 14 days from receiving the returned goods.
5. If the product does not arrive to the Dental Medical headquarters, if damaged during transport or missing the original invoice, a refund is not possible.
6. Only unused products and products that are not damaged can be returned by the customer within 30 days from the day of delivery. Products that have been used or returned in damaged packaging, which prevents further selling of the goods, will not be considered.
7. Goods that have been specially commissioned for the client do not fall under the category of products that can be returned.
8. Articles bought with a discount do not fall under the category of products that can be returned.

In each of these cases, return charges shall be covered by the customer whereas Dental Medical reserves the right to include return processing expenses.

9. Service

1. Dental Medical shall perform a service of all purchased devices.
2. Malfunctioning devices must be sent to the service center. All expenses regarding service warranty shall be agreed upon with the customer in accordance with the Customer Protection Law. Expenses of shipping devices to Dental Medical and back to the customer shall be borne by the customer. Guarantee services excluded.
10. Ownership rights
1. Delivered products remain the property of Dental Medical until all claims on that basis are settled.
 2. The customer is able to resell or destroy the product as long as he/she complies with commitments toward Dental Medical.

11. Personal data privacy
1. To successfully process your order, we require your full name, address, e-mail and telephone number. With these data we shall be able to deliver the desired goods, as well as inform you about the status of your order.

On behalf of Dental Medical Ltd. we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic information about customers/users and the data necessary for the dealings and information of users in accordance with good business practices and providing quality services.
2. Customers can choose whether or not they want to be deleted from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All user/customer personal data are kept secure and available only to employees who need them to perform their work. All Dental Medical employees (and business partners) are obliged to abide by the regulations concerning the personal data privacy.
12. Refunds for Internet payments

1. In case of returning the goods and a refund of assets to the customer who previously paid with any of the credit cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, Dental Medical is obliged to refund only for the VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will refund to the cardholder account as requested by the seller. 13. Security when paying over the Internet
1. When entering credit card information, confidential information is transmitted over public networks in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, which is currently the most advanced technology.
14. Partner links
1. The Dental Medical website includes links to our partners´ links. The materials on these websites are not under our control; therefore Dental Medical shall not be liable for the content and information validity found on such web pages. Also, we waive any responsibility for the safety of your personal data when using web pages mentioned above.
15. Applicable law and jurisdiction
1. This web site is created and used in the Slovenia, and therefore uses Slovenian legislation in case of any possible disputes. If the customer does not have the option to use courts in his/her country, if s/he changed residence or temporary residence since the purchase to another country, the Commercial Court in Maribor shall have jurisdiction.
16. Final clauses
1. If an item of this Agreement is invalid or void after the contract is signed, the validity of the Agreement shall remain valid for the remaining items of the contract.

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