MPF Brush

MPF Brush

At MPF Brush Co., our primary goal is to continue to improve our customer’s performance by offering a unique range of laboratory hand tools, brushes, palettes, accessories and rotary instruments at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

Collaborating with opinion leading dental technicians from around the world has enabled us to ‘think outside the box’ when designing unique dental ceramic hand tools.

We are especially proud of our Optimum™ range of brushes and instruments, designed by Nondas Vlachopoulos. MPF Brush Co. joined forces with Nondas, an internationally respected dental technician, to create a highly evolved range of products, paying extreme attention to detail in the way they function, feel and look. The new MPF Synthesis Brush uniquely ‘combines elements’ by fusing two types of brush hair, kolinsky and synthetic, into one brush tip.

Thanks to our loyal customers, MPF Brush Co. has been producing dental instruments
for some time now and our product range is rapidly growing.

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